Welcome to my website. Soon, as with all trends, this template will become outdated and I will find myself a fossil within the technological jurassic.  No better than windows 98, the gamecube, or that penguin one that businessmen use - Lino or something. I think they use it predominantly to conceal their whore house invoices. We all have redundancy to look forward to, so why not fritter some time reading about me....

"A Very, Very Silly Man" John Cleese

I am an Award winning Writer & Performer working uniquely across literary fiction, radio, TV, comedy & theatre. A few years ago I was awarded a prestigious Sky Academy Arts Scholarship for development of my work, primarily a Novella, Called 'Pleasureland' - I am now hard at work on my debut novel (of proper length ) and have made regular contributions to a variety of programmes on Radio Four (My essay on digital media is at the top of the page!)  as well as writing journalism in print for The Sunday Times, Shortlist,  The Idler & The Huffington Post.

"A Force Of Nature" Will Self

I made poor life choices despite a top class state school education, swift access to a relatively credible drama school, and a token BA Hons to boot. Despite being very lucky with the things I have done, and the people that look after me, I still should have gone and worked on oil rigs.  I ask only that you use this page as a warning - go work offshore, in law, or join the Waitrose/John Lewis Partnership (Apparently they have excellent benefits)

“Brimming with energy and talent” Lord Melvyn Bragg

With Love & burning resent, JBx