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Digressions #1

The Cafe. Day. A large, trendy gastro pub in a salubrious corner of London.

Jonnie: Why is it so cold in here?

Worker: I think it's to do with the glass...

Jonnie: What? that's it just thin glass?

Worker: Yeah it's really thin....Are you cold?

Jonnie: Yeah.. are you not?...You're wearing a scarf and a hat?

Worker:....I'm going to go to the bank in a moment.

Jonnie: Right...I mean you've been wearing them for ages...in fact everyone in here is wearing a scarf and hat? 

He looks around.

Jonnie: They are shivering. You'd be better off just not having the glass.

Worker: I know right...can I get you a coffee?

Jonnie: Do you have the dexterity in your fingers?

Worker: Good thought. Let me check....

She Checks.

Worker: No, I actually don't...

Jonnie: Cool....If I'm honest it doesn't help that everything is bare wood. Or untreated, shabby looking metal. Like these tabletops, and the wood floor, and the chairs, and the bare brickwork. Kind of makes the cold even more apparent.

Worker: I think you're right. It certainly highlights the negatives of the place. 

Jonnie: Can you pour water?

Worker: I'll Check. 

She checks.

Worker: Looks like the taps are frozen. So not at the moment no. 

Jonnie: Ok, i'll just get the bill for what i've had then...

Worker: Card machines frozen.

Jonnie: Is that because of the cold.

Worker: No, I think that is an internet issue.

Both look down. Then Up.

Jonnie: That 'Estate Agent' sign? The one hanging to the wall. It's funny because outside of it being nailed to this bare, brick wall, I would find it totally unappealing. But in here....I kind of like it. 

Worker: It's all about the atmosphere. 

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Procrastination Station #8

Donald, come home...