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Procrastination Station #8B

It's been a while since I have written. Firstly, I lost all purpose. Secondly, I lost all drive. Thirdly, I lost all motivation....which is kind of similar to the second, but different in that my motivation was shifted, not diminished. Shifted mainly to the act of watching channel 5's debt collection odyssey 'Can't Pay, 'We'll take it away" 

My obsession with Channel Five's programming has been passionately developing over quite some time. It started, one thinks, when they acquired Big Brother from Channel Four;

Left to their own devises, and without the shackles of C4's public service broadcasting remit, C5 were able to fulfil the Big Brother prophesy, to truly fulfil its destiny - by which I mean removing all pretence that the show is a social experiment, and allowing its savage nature to boldly hold the audience hostage. Now, the how has evolved into a disgusting pit of human degradation, which, in truth, is exactly the kind of programming I am interested in.  

The people (Who's will, remember, is currently being politically executed) are no longer satisfied with 'Everyday' folk living out their 'Everyday' relationships. It brings to mind Twinning's Everyday Tea bags, bags that are simply a febrile attempt by the boiled leaf corporation to lower the perceived class of their own product, which in effect is the same as them calling the product 'Twinning's Working Class Tea Bags'.

This is what 'Everyday' products are subversively doing. Keeping us in our place. Suggesting that everyday is normal, everyday is harder, and everyday we should be grateful for what capitalism has provided us with. 

This is exactly why goggle box has so quickly become embedded in the TV schedules. I despise goggle box, if I wanted to watch a load of Fat Fuck's eating KFC and being 'Everyday' racist then I would move back to Norfolk. 

It is a tumorous piece of programming, and has allowed Scarlet Moffatt (who sounds like a Sherlock Holmes villain) to rise up, Lenin like, from the proletariat. She is the opiate of the masses. A now thin, once Fat, fuck who can barely spit the mis-mis-pronouced words from her gaping, fast food rusted jaw. 

Is that enough bile for one day? Well, let me explain why such bile exists within me....

In these times - when Liberality is challenged on a daily basis - one must find new ways to Remain. To remain stoic against the forces of darkness. So, one of the techniques i've adopted when trying to stay open, balanced, and liberal- is to become militantly liberal. Beneath the umbrella of my own totalitarian liberalism, Fat Fucks from Gogglebox do not sit well...nor do most Idiots from the television. 

But like, all relationships built around true, painful love, I cannot stop watching them. The fat fucks have me, and will have me, for as they want until I am jilted, scrapped in for a newer model. The fat fucks are a difficult, fervent lover, but my god is everyday more exciting than the last. "Everyday" everyday, of course. 

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